I AM (my declaration)

I AM everything that He says that I AM. I exist separately and apart from others. I AM none like any other. I AM free. My thoughts can not be influenced upon unless I allow them to be. I AM in control of what and who comes into my life.  I have a choice. I have a choice to either accept or reject other conveyed ideas and people. I AM a living filter, filtering information constantly that comes through my gateways (my ears, my eyes, my mind and my heart). I AM the conductor of my vehicle. I can’t be defined by no one. I AM defined by God and what He says of me only. His thoughts is all that matters. What He says is the only true thing that stands constantly. I will not give power to anyone to control or influence my being. I AM my own. I AM an individual. I AM fully capable, competent, and knowledgeable of my world through the living God that I serve and who lives on the inside of me. So I stand confidently. Because I’m not alone.  I AM a supernatural yet physical representation of HIM.  I AM…Because  HE IS.


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