“_____, Come forth!”

Around 7 this morning  I woke up unusually “fired up!” I was getting myself ready for work and suddenly a Word came forth out of my belly, “Lazarus, Come forth!” At this time I was looking in the mirror brushing my teeth and replaying the word I just heard in my spirit over and over again in my mind “Lazarus, Come forth…Lazarus, Come forth…Lazarus, Come forth!” and the Word alone immediately got me excited and on fire! I’m like “ok God, I understand.”  So,I begin to think of God’s Word refering to all the promises of God both logos (God’s written Word) and  rhema (God’s revealed  Word) that he had spoken to me recently and in the past and I just went on a rampage! I started calling forth every promise that God had promised to me “My Doctorate, come forth!” “Virtuous Woman, come forth!” “Traveling around the world, come forth!” “Cinetic Energy, come forth!” “Healing in my body, come forth!” “Prosperity, Come forth!” “Prolific Writer and world renown speaker, come forth!”  “Open doors in high places in the presence of great men, come forth!” “CENTRA, COME FORTH!”

The Death of Lazarus

In the book of John Chapter 11, Jesus received word that Lazarus, Mary’s and Martha’s brother whom he dearly loved was sick.  After Jesus was notified of Lazarus’ present condition, He decided to wait 2 WHOLE days before going to see about Lazarus.  After the 2 days was up, Jesus decided to move and go see about Lazarus.  Meanwhile, Mary and her sister Martha were now mourning the loss of their brother Lazarus. News got back to Martha that Jesus was coming into town to see them, but Martha made it her business to go meet Jesus instead.  Upon arrival, Martha was upset and sad saying “Jesus if you hadn’t took all day-2 WHOLE days, my brother would have lived! (Centra’s plain translation)” Jesus responded calmly and said, “Your brother will rise again.” But Martha was under the impression that Jesus was refering to the last day, the resurrection and so she consented. However, Jesus corrected her and plainly told her that He was the resurrection saying , “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, shall live.  And whoever believes in Me shall never die, Do you believe this?”

So…I said all that to ask YOU what Jesus asked Martha 2000 years ago…”Do YOU BELIEVE this?” Do you believe that Jesus, the Son of God, came onto earth in full power and suffered many things so you didn’t have to suffer. Do you believe that He took on the very punishment that we rightfully deserved so we wouldn’t have to undergo it and that is DEATH! Do you believe that He died not only for our wrong doing, but our sicknesses, diseases, and every physical infirmity, so we could not only be healed, but receive eternal life–It doesn’t begin when you die but it begins NOW! Do you BELIEVE JESUS did all this so you can receive the promises of God which is longevity, prosperity, perfect health, a fulfilled life of all your deep rooted passions, dreams, and desires NOW! Do you believe that the same resurrection power that was in Jesus and that He used to tell Mary and Martha’s brother, “Lazarus, Come forth!”  out of his cave is in YOUBUT…you have to BELIEVE. And if you haven’t already believed, I implore you to Believe in Jesus.

When you choose to believe in Him, all of these promises are added unto you…they are yours for keeps baby! You are a child of promise and all these things have been inherited unto you. You are a son or a daughter of an everlasting all powerful King and he won’t withhold no good thing from YOUIF GOD IS FOR YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU!  It is written,”He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us ALL things. (Romans 8:32 NKJV)”

It has been FREELY given, it has been FREELY given, it has been FREELY given (3x for you slow folks lol) …Sooo FREELY RECEIVE IT! You have the authority, the power, the right standing with and in God, which you did not have to work for but had chosen to accept as a gift.  It is not your righteousness, but it is Christ’s righteousness that you wear.  It is not what you have done, but it’s what Jesus has already done for you! And as an added bonus, you have the resurrection power to tell your Lazarus to “COME FORTH!”

Sidebar: Referring back to Jesus waiting 2 WHOLE days before going to see about Lazarus (John 11:6), I believe sometimes things and people have to die (not always a literal physical death…I’m referring to spiritual…a complete transformation process) the very life has to be dried up from that situation or with certain relationships in your life in order for God to do a new thing concerning those relationships and/or life!  And not only that, but to show He is God, that He is Lord, thee Creator of the heavens and the earth!

So I dare you, I double dog dare you ( had to go back childhood on ya lol) to use your authority and start declaring to the earth, to your body, to your situations, to dead relationships, to every dead place and every dead thing to arise from the dead and be made whole, anew, and ALIVE….. I DARE YOU TO DO IT….and watch my God and His Word work!

With that being said, on the count of three,  I challenge you to speak life out of your dead situations. You ready??? Ok.  1…2….3…. “_______, COME FORTH!”


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