The Road Less Traveled: Faith Walk

It is so easy to go the way that looks, feels, sounds, smells and even tastes good to us. We are wired naturally to adhere to these five senses. From birth that is how we are programmed to operate; having been born into a state of relying solely on our carnality. It is our way of survival. Furthermore, through life experiences we follow the leading of those senses. They influence our perception, which is in turn shaped by the standards of culture, government, media and really any form of influence that we come in contact with on a day to day basis. So in tune with these senses it is hard for us to recognize that something is missing.  That something being faith.

Faith is unfamiliar territory to us. Faith opposes the way we have been shaped to perceive reality. Faith takes us where our natural vision cautions us not to go. In the book of Genesis chapter 12, we read that Abram, BKA Abraham, is instructed by God to leave all that was familiar to him and to go to a place he has never seen, by a God he had never seen. Abraham took the Word of God as truth and believed Him despite the contradictions. He was a man of 75 years of age. He was settled, he knew his current environment, yet he took all that he had and went—blindly. In turn, he put into motion the manifestation of the blessing that God spoke over his life. A blessing so great in magnitude we are still benefiting from it today as promised. Abraham’s response of obedience to the grace of God is the picture of how we are to operate today.

It’s not always black and white of course. God knows that. Just like He knew that Abraham would lie about his wife being his sister to save his own hyde, TWICE (see Genesis 12 & 20) . He knew that Abraham would try to bring about the promise of his inheritance through the birth of his son by his own hand; against the instruction of God (Genesis 16). It wasn’t easy for Abraham to walk straight into what God advised him to do because like us he had his own perception that contradicted what God had promised. He allowed what he appealed to his natural senses to rule him. Yet, God still accounted him righteous. What a gracious God! He didn’t count him out due to his insufficiency and inconsistency.

So how much more gracious is God towards us who are under the new covenant?! Our insufficiency, which was caused by sin, being atoned for by Jesus and we solely justified by our faith in Him, the ultimate sacrifice! His grace filled in the gaps of our innate proneness to be insufficient. I don’t know about you that’s what draws me so closely to God. I mess up without fail, yet He never fails in loving me. I don’t always do as I ought to. As much as I hate to say it I don’t always rely on my faith as I should; But God. It is by His saving grace that I have come this far. There have times where I felt like throwing in the towel and forfeit this life yet I was met with His unfailing grace. It is by is grace that I am able to walk in faith. It is by His grace that I trust in the vision He has revealed to me for my life, warring off the contradictions that face me on a daily.

Like Abraham, I sometimes get lost between the world of living by Faith and living by what my carnal perception senses to be right. Through His love, grace and mercy, I am led back to the road cleanly paved by Christ but so infrequently traveled: Faith. 



3 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled: Faith Walk

  1. So real. Its hard to live right today and period. Those that do though, those that actually take their time and think about consequences, those that actually think about others before themselves. Those are the people we need to be like. Its hard to walk by faith in a world filled with evil. There are people that try though.

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